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Demystifying Ottawa's Climate Targets with Sharon Coward

Episode Summary

Demystifying Ottawa’s Climate targets with Sharon Coward, EnviroCentre’s Executive Director We're kicking off season 2 of the Green Room with a wonderful conversation with Sharon Coward, EnviroCentre’s executive director, demystifying Ottawa’s climate targets. We break down what it's going to take to reach the goal of hitting net zero emissions by 2050, and where the bulk of our emissions come from here in Ottawa. The good news is, we have the solutions: "In the most basic, simple sense, what we need to do to achieve these targets is rapidly scale up renewable sources of electricity, massively improve the energy efficiency of everything, and electrify everything." But achieving our climate targets will require a massive transition project, and we still have a lot of work to do to get there. "If we want to hit those targets, there is no easing in. Not anymore. We need to do all the things, and we need to do them at a pace that doesn’t feel intuitively ‘safe,’ or ‘reasonable. We’re going to need to dig in and regard this whole thing as a big, collective project."

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